Just how much water does it take to wash your car and your RV?

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Just how much water does it take to wash your car and your RV?  Today, we set out to answer that question. We were prompted to figure this one out after a few parks we have stayed in gave us a note saying that due to heavy water requirements for washing RV’s it is strictly prohibited in their park.  Some parks are worried about environmental impact of vehicle washing, others are worried about the financial impact on the water bill, and in some regions justifiably worried about drought. Unwashed and unwaxed RV’s fade, and the gel coat or other finish chalks off prematurely. After a few years, new RV’s not kept up will soon look 30 years old. If the parks have lots of full timers going between parks with similar policies, the parks start looking decrepit due to the condition of the RV’s finish. Some parks cure this problem with a rule stating the RV must be 10yrs of age or newer. Our RV’s cost way to much to be replacing them every 10 yrs. All this leaves me a bit bewildered, and wondering just how much water does it take to wash an RV and a car? We did a little test, at our last park where RV washing was prohibited, we filled our 100 gallon fresh tank with water. We then drove to our next park where washing the RV was not only allowed but they ask you to do it periodically.

Washing the RV using the on board water supply
Washing the RV using the on board water supply

We topped off the water tank to be sure it was full, disconnected the city water, connected our hose to the tank outlet, and Athena went to work.

Athena washed the front, and the back.
Athena washed the front, and the back.


And scrubbed the car. Every thing went very well, then we checked the gallons missing from the fresh tank. We only needed 12 gallons to refill the tank. What does this quantity of water use equal. For Darin 15 showers, or  for Athena 3 Showers, or for Holly one shower, and for Sarah 5 showers.  12 Gallons will do the dishes 3 times.  This is about all the water we use.  12 gallons is equal to about half  a days water usage for our clan. How much water do you use around your house? We here how hard RV’ers are on the environment, something tells us we have most homes beat in water conservation, we have to conserve, out here on the road we never no what the next day will bring.

In our test we found it took 12 gallons of water to wash the RV and car. We did however make one mistake, we failed to notice that the neighboring farmer cut his hay. Of course, I never thought about cutting hay in January before. This oversight caused us one minor problem.


When a farmer cuts his hay, it almost always causes rain.

May your fuels tanks and fresh tanks be full. May the waste tanks be forever empty, and the sunshine on you where ever you may go.


Good evening and good night…

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