November 25, 2011 – Thanksgiving in the big city

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IMG_0764-300x168On the road for three hours, it is time for a stop at the cousin’s diner in the Dalles, Oregon.They seated a family with children right next to a live radio broadcast. I am sure the listeners got their monies worth. The food here is huge, Holly got a cinnamon roll as big as those pancakes, and as tall too.


IMG_07711-300x168We arrive in Farmington!Farmington, Washington, Not such a big city compared to some, but it has a bank, and Post Office, and best of all some of my family.


IMG_0772-168x300We take my nephew Benjamin to the park


IMG_0783-168x300My mother and Benjamin are swinging. He is a real good swinger.


IMG_0767-300x168We set at the table waiting for the main event…


IMG_0766-168x300Women slave away in the kitchen all day, then their men waltz into the kitchen, cut the turkey and take all the credit. We men sure have an awesome intellect…
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