Now only 75 miles south of San Francisco

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// May 18, 2011 – Travel day Again: Now only 75 miles south of San Francisco – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

We have arrived at Morgan Hill Thousand trails, only 46 driving miles from our last stop. It is only 75 miles from the Infamous city of San Francisco, luckily, this is about as close as we plan to camp to that place. We plan to ride out the end of the world quake of May 21 here on the fault just South of the City that is soon to be in the bay. Should the world fail to end, we will be heading east to higher ground. The drive was easy for a change, did have to make a sharp turn at the filling station today, and cut one of the drag chains to the car, not good. Also 63 gallons of Gasoline at $4.29 a gallon requires a thick skull and a strong stomach. For some reason, I am dead tired though we only traveled 46 miles.  Sarah is Giddy as she has finished school for the year, Holly is working hard,  but probably has three more weeks, could be interesting having one kid done and the other loaded with year end projects, research papers, and final exams. Sarah and I may be spending a lot of time outside the RV, provided I can stand to be awake as many hours as she is active.  Time to call it a night…

Have a good evening and a good night…

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