October 10, 2010 – Drove to College Park Maryland (Cherry Hill)

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October 10, 2010 – Drove to College Park Maryland (Cherry Hill)


We change our minds on what we are doing more often than the New England weather changes.  The motor home blew the back flow valve today, so we could not dry camp as the fresh water tank is out of commission until we get a $2.00 cap to prevent the water from shooting out when the pump is on. Since we could not dry camp we chose to put in at Cherry Hill RV park, turns out that it may save us money as it has all the hookups and a free shuttle into DC, saves us $40.00 a day in metro rail fares. The park has a 4pm educational seminar on how to see DC, we learned a lot from the seminar, upon checking the facts we learned, we found quite a few of the facts they shared with us were incorrect.  Even though the details were bad, we learned what we needed to know from the generalities they shared, and it looks like we will have an efficient stay here. The park is nice, but lots of freeway noise which is common for a big city RV park. We have free internet though so we like that. The only exciting thing that happened to day was the free shower I got at the Gas station while filling the RV with gas when the back flow prevention valve on the fresh water tank blew out. Out side of that, we hit no one, no obnoxious drivers, just nothing to report!

Have a good evening and a good night…

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