October 9, 2010 – The Stink bug war! – My Sisters Birthday

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October 9, 2010 – The Stink bug war! – My Sisters Birthday

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The battle of battles hours of hand to hand combat, and Athena won the battle. She hunted down and carried 15 to 20 of these critters out of the RV one by one, one hour later she had to carry another twenty. The other campers thought we were funny, as they said stink bugs just come back in, and have to be accepted as guests. Athena right now is removing these fine creatures from our bedding. We love this campground, it is the nicest yet, but these bugs make it so the morning move to Maryland is a welcome idea. Between bug battles, Holly and Sarah swam for about four hours until a boy annoyed her to the point of her putting him in his place and leaving. (Yea! Holly!) after swimming we went mini golfing, where some one made off with Holly’s cell phone. (She is rather disappointed.  It will be tough for her next week as there will be no internet, electricity, and now no cell phone.) We will be boon docking in Washington DC.  If we do not blog this next week, it means that we really have no luxury’s at all.

Have a good evening and good night…

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