Over the river and through the woods

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// June 15, 2011 – Over the river and through the woods – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

To both my Grandmothers houses we go. This picture is my father’s mother place in Wren, Oregon. I learned more about my grandpa and grandma when they were young. My grandma is 90, so I want to learn everything while I can. Every time I go there, I remember that my ethnic background is redneck. Even my grandma pronounces creek- “cr-eh-k”. But they work very hard, and all the flowers there are nice. It is so frustrating that the house my great-grandpa built can’t be fixed. The building is still solid, but not being cared for. Then we visited my mom’s mom in Albany. Got to see a lot of pictures all everyone young and beautiful, but with 70s hair and clothes.  Are all our pictures going to look that silly in 30 years? This can be a cruel world. Well,

Good night. Athena

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