Covid-19 Quarantine Our Way

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Links are just to help you fell better about those who represent you Have a good evening and a good night…

Fire Sale -2020

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So what is a fire sale, well -let’s take a look! Now the Feds issue a Virus Alert! Lastly, in the fire sale you keep everyone scared and sheltered in place with promise that help is on its way. Like … Continued

January 2020 – Quartzsite Arizona

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The RV Show Each Year the Sportsman, Vacation, Mineral and RV show comes to Quartzsite. Every year I came looking for new inventions for the RV’er. Four years ago a met a fellow who invented a spare tire holder for … Continued

Christmas 2019

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This year we spent Christmas with Holly, John, Sophia, Amy, Amy’s Sarah, and her boys. Of course Sophia get’s to be the star. John guided the little elves. I did not good pictures of him because I was sitting 2 … Continued

To Summer and Back Again

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Hot as summer in central Oregon and the ladies Athena and Miss Lee (Formerly known as Sarah. She did not like her first name and got the court to change it to her middle name, she got another one of … Continued

Central Oregon 2019

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We ended up with an unexpected intermission in our plans. We were staying in Bend/Sunriver Thousand Trails. They have no sewer hookups and for space reasons we did not bring our Blue dump barrel up from Quartzsite. We purchased a … Continued


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This was our final destination of the Northward Journey for the next couple weeks anyway. Good Evening and Good Night….. Is God Talking to You? Are You Sure?

We leave L.A. behind. Sarah is not there

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Southern California has one of the most desired climates in the world. Californian’s don’t mind putting water where it never was before, making really nice gardens every where from mini malls to Disney. Generally it is one of the most … Continued