Fireworks, Murder, Flowers and Sophia

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The last month or so has been interesting. Athena’s Aunt was killed by a man with a problem and a gun. Her cousin was shot but on the top side of the soil. Holly and her roommate were victims of … Continued

Winter Storms

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Up until Sunday evening the February 3rd , we had a working Onan 8000 generator in our RV. This generator retails for $10,000 and is not cheap to take in and out. We ran it for a short while Sunday … Continued


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They are complaining on the Phoenix news about global warming again. Has been pretty darn cold lately around here getting down to freezing at night. The rain and the unusually wet weather have been interesting. Have a good evening and … Continued

Family Christmas in Arizona 2018

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Going through the surgery, the pain from the back, the pressures of a holiday that I rather detested, and some family issues. I had a come to Jesus meeting. I don’t mean that figuratively. Many of my short comings where … Continued

Busy, Busy. Busy

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Hailey is headed to Seattle     Athena has her monitoring service lit up for her business. She can remotely monitor performance and status of servers around the country. Often she fixes problems before the customer ever knew of the … Continued

The screaming summer

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This summer is screaming by. Athena has been working hard and long. We have been dragging each other out of bed each day. She is putting together new and really cool offerings for her business. Business is coming in from … Continued