We try to tour Montezuma’s Castle

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155170 // March 26, 2011 – We try to tour Montezuma’s Castle – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

but he got his revenge, and the parking lot was full. So we toured the river area around the park today, and got a good look at the Verde river. Based on all the wash areas, it is our assumption, that rain is not to be trifled with here in the south west. Looks like they get 39′ of rain on the first Thursday of each February. Other than that, we learned about the apostle Paul taking the message of Christ to the Roman kings, king Agrippa and Festus. Forever, I wondered why God let Sol, who is now Paul, who is no long dead, kill so many Christians; before converting him to Christianity. Today it dawned on me, God needed the people to see Pauls determination and 180 degree turn around, so they could see the real miracle of his conversion, and know that if an educated man such as Paul could turn around and promote Christ as fervently as he tore him down, there may be something to the story of Christ. God also needed a man as strong and well educated as Paul to rile up the Jews enough to get the attention of the Roman Guard. Paul’s determination, thick pigheadedness and his good education gave him face time with Caesar, which would have been impossible under any other circumstance. Paul’s history and stature were an absolute requirement to deliver the message to the otherwise unreachable Roman elite. Another realization I had today is that thawing steak when a wind storm is predicted is a bad Idea, as we could not BBQ in the wind and were forced to ruin our nicely marinated Jack Daniels Steak by frying it. Tasted OK, but just not the same, and cleaning the pan, that is something to write home about. Athena is my hero! I guess we earned more Rocky Road Ice Cream…

Good evening and good night…

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