Winter formal

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// December 3, 2012 

This weekend is the winter formal for Livingston Adventist Academy, big weekend ahead as we have to buy more stuff to get Holly all dulled up for the big event. but first…

Athena, Sarah and I have to chill in the park, before we have to start dealing with the heat of getting Holly ready for a fancy affair

Really, I mean chilling in the park. Weather is too cold for civilized man, without the thrill of snow and frozen ponds.


Here it is, the event we have been waiting for. After Athena curled their hair, they begin dressing each other.



They all did a nice job, looking good.


Now it it time to flaunt the good works for the camera.





They look great
Hey where did this one come from? She is ruining our black dress affair….
One last photo before going into the Mission Mill Banquet party thing… “Thanks for helping me buy the dress Jae, your an awesome Uncle” – Holly




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